How Can Snaparazzi Photo Help Promote Your Brand?

When it comes to figuring out exactly how to get the most out of social media, customer engagement, marketing campaigns, Snaparazzi Photo can help make sharing those fun, emotional or unforgettable moments a blast.

Snaparazzi Photo is a company that works hard to provide the best photo and photo booth services for many different scenarios.  We are a company that is flexible when it comes to addressing the needs of its client and stakeholders when it comes to a marketing or branding event.

And since its founding in 2011, Snaparazzi Photo has blazed new trails when it comes to Experiential Marketing, Green Screen Marketing, and Photo Booth Services in the Southeastern U.S.  Our company was the first to bring authentic, vintage photobooths to Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi. Snaparazzi Photo has been proud to raise the bar and exceed our client’s expectations!

Without further ado, here is a detailed breakdown of Snaparazzi Photo’s niche services:

  • Open booth:  For sharing those fun events that don’t involve those closed, Model 12 photo booths, Snaparazzi Photo’s open photo booth (mobile photo studio) offers many different ways to have fun and create some fun memories! Our company also works to create an area for your guests to take pictures.  Photos for an individual to show off their humorous side to a few friends to share some special times together or that large group of family members can be printed on the spot!  Open photo booths are perfect for family events, reunions, weddings, school dances, school events, trade shows, conferences, customer appreciation events, and much more!
  • Classic Photobooth: Snaparazzi Photo’s Model 12 Photobooth is the “real” photo booth experience. People love that bright red, old-fashioned, yet modern photo booth for all types of exciting events. The Classic Photobooth has room for two people but can accommodate up to five for a squeeze-themed picture.  While “two’s a couple, three to five is a crowd,” Snaparazzi Photo’s Model 12 Photobooth is sure to be a crowd pleaser for all your favorite guests at your next event! Contact us to discuss wrapping your booth to gain additional brand exposure.
  • Social Selfie Machine: These machines (kiosks) provide unique experiences for individuals and groups.  Flip that selfie to many different social media platforms, lightning quick.
  • Social Selfie Mobile: Sharing those photos on social media as soon as the group takes them is part of why Snaparazzi Photo enjoys touting its services to bring you all of the most state-of-the-art ways to tell a story. Whether you are a new bride who is sharing a fairytale moment or a client who is helping to launch a new brand, Social Selfie Mobile can help make it happen.
  • Flipbooks: This service allows you to share those fun, yet special moments with the help of Snaparazzi Photo with a fun flipbook that you can keep in with you.  Individuals, couples and groups will be thoroughly entertained while making these 7 second videos turned into 50 photos for a flipbook. And they will be entertained watching everyone else!
  • Print on-site: When your event calls for photos but not a “photo booth”. We are perfect for more upscale events where guests can take red carpet photos in front of a step and repeat backdrop or a Snaparazzi provided solid backdrop. Examples include golf tournaments, fundraisers, award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies and more!
  • Digital only: We offer you the opportunity to save on photo print material by delivering digital only photos that can be formatted and shared to many social media platforms.
  • Green Screen: With the green screen, guests at your event can take some photos that include some fantastic and very creative settings. Whether it is a serene, nature-based backdrop that you are looking to be part of for that individual photo shoot or something a bit more exciting, Snaparazzi Photo will tend to your every whim.

When it comes to preparing your event for fun, yet defined goals, Snaparazzi Photo considers itself a modern marketing company that truly knows how to reach new customers using defined methods and goals that really work. Using Snaparazzi Photo’s state-of-the-art technology, our company can help to disseminate your customized marketing message in ways that are fun, attractive, and used by everyone, every day.

People want to use Snaparazzi Photo’s products because they can help to enhance any event. And more importantly, businesses see the benefit of working with Snaparazzi Photo to enhance their brand engagement and overall marketing!

Contact us to learn more about how Snaparazzi Photo can help your company can “capture the moment, and build your brand.”


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