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Open Photo Booth



The Curve is a slight twist on our Classic Open Mobile Photo Studio. 

It’s sleek design adds a level of sophistication to your event with all the same perks you’ve come to enjoy with our classic open booth.


Open Photo Booth

 Mobile Photo Studio


Snaparazzi’s Open Mobile Photo Studio or our pet name for it, the open booth, is our most popular booth. It was our only offering back in 2011 when we began offering fun photo solutions for events. 

It takes a bit more set up. What it requires in space and set up it more than gives back in flexibility. If you are primarily interested in high quality photos, the open booth is the way to go! 


 Vintage Photobooth

   It’s the real deal… with some upgrades

Our M12 vintage photo booth is the original “Snaparazzi” Photo Booth. It is just like the photo booths from the mid 20th century, with a few modern perks.

Of course there are custom screens detailing your event, a count down screen, and each session has the choice of a black & white, sepia or color photo.

Each time you use Snaparazzi’s Vintage Photobooth, we create a custom photo layout that enhances your event’s theme. 


Green Screen Photos

   Fun & Memorable


Whether hosting an event for branding and marketing purposes or for just plain fun, our green screen photography creates photos your guests won’t soon forget! 

Call and see what we can create for you. We’re always happy to hear from you


   The Social Selfie


Still. Boomerang.GIF


Whether hosting an event for business or for just plain fun, our Social Selfie Machine makes it an event that won’t be soon forgotten.

Our digital photos are sent by guests to guests via text or email. Photos will be shared for many years to come. 

The Social Selfie Machine is independent and inexpensive. Call for a quote today.



Snaparazzi Photo has the perfect wedding package for you.

Whether you prefer full service or self-service, we’ve got a photo booth for you!

Open Photo Booth

Vintage Enclosed Photo Booth

Social Selfie Machine

Snaparazzi Photobooth Company, LLC

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Our Blog

Read about our escapades and feel free to comment if you have an idea for a blog or a photo booth event. We love to hear from our customers.

How a Photo Booth Can Make a Major Impact at a Trade Show

How a Photo Booth Can Make a Major Impact at a Trade Show

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