5 Great Reasons Why Snaparazzi is The Right Choice For All Your Photobooth Needs

If you have been considering adding a photobooth to your next event, you have no doubt discovered that there are more than a few companies out there offering to accommodate your needs.

If one’s only criteria for choosing a photo booth company is price, then at Snaparazzi we’ll be the first to admit that while all of our offerings are very affordable, we are likely not the cheapest option out there. The rise in interest in photo booths of all kinds over the past several years has turned our industry into a very competitive one, and there are far more companies out there than there was when Snaparazzi was founded almost a decade ago.

However, we do believe that we are your very best option, and we’d like to share some important reasons why:


Long before he co-founded Snaparazzi Leo Ridge was a professional photographer – and still is. His interest and expertise in the field, along with the that of the great staff we have brought on board over the years, means that ensuring that the imagery created with a Snaparazzi Photobooth is of the highest quality possible, whether that means investing in new, higher tech equipment or offering the latest in cutting-edge photo editing techniques, is always our highest priority.


We founded Snaparazzi in 2011, and at the time we were the first company to introduce the first authentic vintage photobooths to the Biloxi and Gulfport areas. While David Johnson, Snaparazzi’s original owner, was introducing these vintage photo booths, Leo, as Big Top Photo Booth, was pioneering on-site printing and green screen photography for business and private events in Biloxi and surrounding areas. We’ve offered full service photo booth services as an open booth (aka mobile photo studio)  for 7 years. In 2016 we merged Big Top Photo Booth & Snaparazzi Photobooth Company, LLC and introduced a new, fun product, the Social Selfie Machine. We are full-time business owners – this is not a part-time hobby or a way to supplement our income on weekends – dedicated to the growth of our company via continued customer satisfaction. And it’s worked, as our recent successful expansion into the Austin, Texas area demonstrates.

Focus on Quality and Innovation

Whether it is the meticulous maintenance of our classic Model 12 photobooth, the expansion of the open photo booth options we can offer – including the continual addition of new backdrops and green screen options or expanding the marketing possibilities and options available for our corporate clients we are continually focused on quality and innovation, and that commitment shows in everything we do.

We Do It All

A Snaparazzi Photobooth experience comes along with a lot more than the machine of your choice and a few random props. No matter what the occasion we handle everything for our clients so that they can focus on just what they should; enjoying their event. From set up and take down to providing highly experienced attendants whose sole focus is making sure that guests get the best pictures and have the most fun possible, we do it all.

Our services don’t end when the photo booth closes though. We can offer a wide range of custom graphics services to enhance booth photography and add an effective branding element that is a perfect complement to any corporate marketing plan. We can also help clients source custom props, offer advice about photo booth set up for your unique event and much more. Our friendly, helpful onsite staff are great at getting even the shyest party-goer into the booth and having fun, so you can be assured that every single one of your guests will have a blast.

We Live and Breathe This Stuff

As we previously mentioned, we take our business – and your satisfaction – very seriously. we listen to our customers, make use of only the very best equipment and hire the very best staff. It’s our mission to ensure that every client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. We can assure you that you won’t regret choosing us over our cut-priced competitors, and that you’ll always get our best possible deal.

To learn more about the Snaparazzi Photobooth Company difference, and just what we can offer you, feel free to give us a call at (228) 229-0573 or send us a message here. 


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