Social Selfie Machine & Social Selfie Mobile – What’s the Difference?

Photo marketing is a great way to create a fun experience for your customers and achieve brand activation for your business. A sure way to keep your brand event in people’s minds after the night is over is to create shareable photos that others will continue to see long after the event. Photos are powerful because they have the tendency to go viral, they can be shared on multiple platforms in seconds, and they create an emotional response that connects customers to your brand. Not only do photos as a finished product help spread the word about your company, but the act of taking photos at your next event is a form of experiential marketing that draws people in and creates a memorable customer experience. An event photo booth can be a great way to garner attention and give customers a fun encounter, but there are two other options that put a different spin on event photos: the Social Selfie Machine and Social Selfie Mobile.

Social Selfie Machine

The Social Selfie Machine is a photo booth kiosk with a professional-style ring light built in, and it promises the perfect selfie with fun options to boot. It’s a perfect way to create brand loyalty by providing customers with a fresh way to take photos at your event. With fun filter options, guests can take unlimited photos, GIFs, or Boomerangs and share to multiple platforms. The Social Selfie Machine is unattended, giving customers ample time to get that perfect shot. Create a graphic background or incorporate your logo to continue marketing your event long after guests have gone home. The Social Selfie Machine is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and customers will flock to it all night long, fostering brand loyalty and brand activation.

Social Selfie Mobile

Think: freedom. That’s what the Social Selfie Mobile offers. The Mobile option is similar to the Social Selfie Machine but it is able to get into the nitty gritty of the fun and can travel where the Machine can’t go. Customers love this interactive option that brings studio light and perfect selfies to the heart of the party. Guests can choose to create a flawless selfie or a fun boomerang clip, right on the spot. Social Selfie Mobile creates the most unique photo experience, going where the typical photo booth can’t go. To create the most engaging customer experience, choose Social Selfie Mobile, the exciting and dynamic way to provide event photos for your guests.

What’s the Difference?

Both the Social Selfie Machine and the Social Selfie Mobile give your event unique opportunities to give customers what they want: crisp, fun photos as evidence of being about town. Choose the Social Selfie Machine to create a stationary photo stand that creates fun images and gives people a chance to take the time to ready themselves for the perfect selfie. Throughout the night, there will be no doubt where the Social Selfie Machine is, and customers will return time and again to create more photo memories with friends. For exciting action shots, the Social Selfie Mobile is what you want to opt for, surprising guests with the traveling photo booth that can still create that shareable pic, but can go where the party is. For the ultimate in photo marketing, the Social Selfie Machine and Social Selfie Mobile help create an unforgettable event that will get hundreds of people talking about your brand long after.

Contact us at Snaparazzi Photo to bring these fun and dynamic photo experiences to your next event. With Social Selfie Machine or Social Selfie Mobile, your customers will create lasting memories and connect with your brand.


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