Improving Event Marketing using The Social Selfie Machine

When marketing your products and services at a brand activation or other event, capturing your target market’s attention is key. Snaparazzi’s Social Selfie Machine was designed to do just that with great interactive photos and personal interaction, and then again through the power of social sharing. Today’s audiences appreciate experiential marketing that involves customer engagement and they can’t wait to show off the result!

Have you considered what a Social Selfie Machine could do to send a message about your brand while bringing fun to your prospective customers?

The Concept of Selfies in Marketing

Although selfies are a fairly new concept in the marketing world, customer’s vanity has always been a great way into their heart.  Snaparazzi’s Social Selfie Machine capitalizes on the desire of customers and guests to look their best and have a great time.

The Social Selfie Machine is a twist on the photo booth – no booth, all fun. Filters which enhance guest’s look, digital props, GIFs and boomerang photos allow flawless photos to be taken individually, as a couple or in large groups.

At Snaparazzi Photo, we use your existing campaign to create a seamless experience for the guest. There’s no additional work on your part. Let our professional team take care of all the details.  Using our social media kiosk will make your event stand out and greatly increase your social media presence.

Bringing Visual Storytelling to Your Brand

When using our Social Selfie Machine, your marketing campaign colors, graphics and theme are incorporated into everything we do. Additionally, the availability of digital props and various green screen effects allows you to turn the kiosk into a complete visual storytelling experience that connects your brand with your target market.

Whether you’re introducing a new product, or just going through a rebranding phase, having visitors visualize themselves using your products takes personal marketing to another level. At any marketing event, including trade shows, conferences and brand activations, our Social Selfie Machine will attract everyone, creating a buzz about your brand.

The Connection to Social Media

After a visitor takes the photo at your event, they will send the photo to their phone. This photo is housed on a microsite created especially for you. It can be branded with your logo, theme and colors. It can link to a landing page or another web page where you can offer more enticements to your guests. Once there, visitors who took selfies can share directly to their social media channels. Since they are logged in on their phone, there’s no hassle with guests trying to remember passwords. Typically all guests share their photos to more than one network. Snaparazzi can provide you with statistics on impressions and interactions that resulted from your campaign.

Being able to easily share these pics across social media means you will have numerous representatives for your brand. Research shows that recommendations from friends, family and people we follow and admire on social media holds much greater sway in our purchasing decisions than general celebrity endorsement. The excited and enthusiastic attendees at your event will become your ambassadors, while having fun in the process. The Social Selfie Machine provides a one-of-a-kind, winning combination of online and IRL marketing that converts leads and attracts new prospects.

Tangible Marketing in the Moment

Your brand will be the star of the show because today’s audiences expect the upscale experience and personal attention our brand ambassadors provide your guests and Snaparazzi delivers every time!

While sharing photos on social media is huge, having them play as they are taken really increases engagement. Upgrade to our 55” monitor display, showcasing the photos and GIFs live. Having a slideshow in real time will also make your brand more memorable to attendees who see themselves on the monitor, as well as drawing a crowd to you and your brand experience.

Contact us at Snaparazzi Photobooth Company, LLC to learn more about our Social Selfie Machine and how it’s changing live events for companies in the United States, including Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia and more!



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